Congratulations, Mr. Squire!

Congrats on your new place, Mr. Squire! We are so happy for you and all that you have accomplished. The Signature HealthCARE at Summerfield family wishes you all the best.

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Smile Day

Our residents love to smile!

Celebrating a Therapy Turnaround

The woman has been working hard in therapy for months. She’s come a long way since she came to us. At first, walking even a few steps was nearly impossible. With each step, she experienced pain, and her fear and anxiety caused her to feel such trepidation that she would ask to sit down in her chair after only a few steps. But over time, she started taking a step or two more, and then as time went on, a few steps more.

A pattern emerges. She identifies a challenge in therapy, and experiences lots of anxiety about it in the beginning. Then, with persistent effort, and lots of talking-it-through with the therapy team, she begins to progress. Whatever seemed impossible just a few days before becomes doable. At first, when walking with her walker, the sight of other residents also ambulating in the hall would send shivers down her spine. The presence of others creating traffic gave her a great fright. “Oh! I can’t do this! I can’t make it down there!” she would cry. “You can do it,” her therapist would tell her, “Just keep going straight. They’re not in your way.”

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We Take Pride In Our Food Service

Our dining services team is celebrating Pride in Food Service Week here at Summerfield. They love seeing the residents enjoy all their delicious food. We are getting excited to see what the residents bring to the table during our “Chopped” competition next month.

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